“Our marriage is ‘use me, I use you’” – Fredrick Leonard says as wife turns him to a mannequin (Video)

Popular and super talented Nollywood actor, Fredrick Leonard has revealed how he and his wife get to use each other in their union.

The filmmaker recently got married to his colleague, Peggy Ovire and since then their union has been a super one to emulate….CONTINUE READING

In a recent video he shared on Instagram, Fredrick was seen serving as a mannequin to his wife while she straightened her wig.

In the video, the actor made it clear that marriage is all about sacrifice and revealed how they do use each other for activities if the need arises.

He also, advised the unmarried ones to keep it in mind that marriage if not all easy and one should be ready for anything before getting in….CONTINUE READING

Watch the video below….