PHOTO: Identity Of Igbo Soldier killed In Aba By IPOB Revealed

The identity of one of the soldiers killed by the outlawed Indigenous People Of Biafra in Aba, the economic hub of Abia State has been revealed. Newsband reported that members of the Eastern Security Network, the militia wing of IPOB on Thursday launched vicious attack on military personnel at Obikabia area of Abia State.....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

The criminal elements numbering over 20 said to be enforcing the May 30th sit-at-home announced by the rogue group to commemorate Biafra heroes and heroines day, killed the military operatives and set their operational van ablaze.

This medium gathered that all the five soldiers killed in the attack were of Igbo extraction.

Meanwhile, a Facbooker identified as Ubani Dannie while bemoaning the unfortunate killing said one of the slain soldiers, Sergeant Lucky Ikpeamaze was like a brother to him.

He described the killing as senseless, conscienceless and needless bloodletting.

According to him, by this singular killing, a lineage of widows, a colony of orphans and cloud of terror have been created.


“Yesterday, it was a bleeding Aba.

“Enyimba, the home of Ndi Igbo and the quintessential epitome of Igbo creative ingenuity and industry, was brought right down to her knees.

“Aba, a town that is smarting up from the dungeons of arrested development appeared to have been forcefully plunged back into the very same bottomless abyss of void.

It was nightfall at noonday.

It was one senseless, conscienceless and needless bloodletting.

“By this singular killing a lineage of widows, a colony of orphans and cloud of terror have been created.

“Killing of our security men is needless. These poor soldiers and policemen are no less victims of the leadership failure than these killers. All of us, both the killers and the killed, are all victims.

“You do not throw stones into a crowded market. Your mother or child or wife might be present in the market.

“All the slain soldiers in the killing of yesterday are all our kins and kin. Our brothers. Our very own blood. In the Igbo worldview it is aru to shade your brother’s blood. Ala, the capricious Earth Goddess, forbids it.

“No Hausa, no Fulani, no Yoruba, no Urhobo was killed in the madness of yesterday. All are Igbos, mostly Abians. Igbos killing Igbos for no reason!!

“”Deploy Igbos to the East. If they want to kill, let them kill their brothers”.

“You think that the Nigerian establishment is stupid? You better think again.

I am greatly diminished by the killing of yesterday. Luckily Ikpeamaze, one of the slain soldiers of yesterday, was like a younger brother to me. I facilitated his enlistment into the military, and he has always kept me in the know about his deployments, experiences and activities in the military.

“When he was posted to the North East where he served at the battlefield for eight long years, I kept a tab on him. We prayed together on some occasions and we thanked God for sparring his life the many occasions he had close brushes with death.

“When he was eventually posted back to Abia State in December, 2023, he quickly alerted me. We heaved a sigh of relief. We celebrated. We thanked God. Like King Agag in the Bible we thought that the hour of death has passed. Little did we know that death was still lurking in the corner. Death not in the strange battlefield of Maiduguri but in native Ngwa!!


“The last I saw Sergt. Lucky was few months ago at his duty post at Arongwa Junction. Neatly and smartly dressed, he flagged down my car for routine security check. Upon sighting me he smartly saluted me, and shouted – “My Godfather!!” This drew the attention of his colleagues whom he quickly told the role God used me to play in his life.

I felt happy. I felt proud. But I never knew it was going to be our last encounter. I never knew that was going to be my last salute from my boy, Lucky.

“Ndi Igbo, how long shall we continue to engage in self-destruction while the rest of the country is progressing? Please, upon the blood of this innocent Sergt. Lucky do I plead:

“Let this killing end. Ozo emena. Let this be the very last. Biko nu.

It is rather to hard and painful to say but I have other option than to say:

“Fare thee well, Lucky.

I am painfully diminished by your untimely painfully exit.

“Rest in peace boy, till we meet to part no more”.


Also, the Nigerian army has said it will descend heavily on the separatist movement over the unfortunate incident that led to the death of its five operatives.

Reacting in a statement, Major General Edward Buba, Director Defence Media Operations said the army will descend on the group to ensure their total defeat.

The statement reads, “Troops of OP UDO KA deployed at Obikabia Junction Checkpoint in Obingwa Local Government Areas adjourning Aba metropolis in Abia State were attacked and sadly killed by terrorist of IPOB/ ESN.

“The troops deployed to enforce peace in the area and protect the citizens were massed attacked by the terrorist. The terrorist in 3 tinted Prado Toyota SUVs and others from builtup areas surrounding the checkpoint, sprang a surprise attack on the checkpoint.

“The attack sadly took the lifes of 5 personnel of the armed forces killed in action. The armed forces mourns the death of these troops as each and every soldier lost in battle is a terrible loss. Meanwhile, investigation are ongoing concerning the attack.

“Overall, it must be reinterated that the lifeline of the terrorist is the people and this situation is no exemption. Winning the war without the support of the people is close to impossible. The IPOB capitalised on this to perpetrate attacks on the troops. The situation leaves more to be desired.

“Accordingly, it is absolutely imperative that the military retaliate against this dastardly act against troops. The military would be fierce in its response. We would bring overwhelming military pressure on the group to ensure their total defeat.”

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