Police storm side chic Deborah Seyram’s house to arrest her days after her court appearance

Ghana’s most famous side chic, Deborah Seyram Adablah has reportedly been arrested days after the court presided over her infamous suit.

Days ago, we mentioned that Deborah Seyram Adablah, the plaintiff in the case in which she is suing a bank’s top financial officer for allegedly breaking a promise to look after her, has been ordered by the High Court in Accra to turn over a vehicle in dispute to the court’s registrar…..CONTINUE READING

In a decision issued on Tuesday, (May 16, 2023) the court headed over by Justice Olivia Obeng Owusu ordered that the disputed car be given to the High Court Registrar for storage pending the case’s resolution.

Deborah Seyram Adablah claims that her “sugar daddy,” Ernest Kwasi Nimako, agreed to buy her a car, pay for her housing for three years, give her a monthly stipend of GH3,000, marry her after divorcing his wife, and also give her a lump sum to start a business in a lawsuit filed on Monday, January 23, 2023, at the Accra High Court.

According to the report, the car has since been in the custody of Adablah, who brings it to court for a hearing.

Mr Nimako has also been instructed to provide the Registrar with all papers pertaining to the abovementioned car as part of today’s decision regarding the vehicle.

In this new development, some policemen, per the content of a video making rounds on Instagram, stormed Deborah’s house to effect her arrest.

She initially resisted questioning the basis for her arrest. Reluctantly, she followed the officers to the station amidst questions about what she has done wrong.

Apparently, the contentious car she was asked by the court to return to the Registrar until the case is solved has not been adhered to…..CONTINUE READING