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Positive Effects Of Apple On People With Low Sèx Drive

Apple has been used successfully for a long time to treat impotence and problems with getting an erection in men. Even though it’s one of the most expensive fruits in the world, there are many good things about eating it....CONTINUE READING

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem that affects a large number of people in the modern world. It is what happens when a man can’t keep a hard-on going for a long time. But in this article, we’ll look at how apples affect people who don’t want to be with other people very much. This article agrees with something that was written and found on “Healthline.

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A recent study found that apples have a lot of quercetin, which is a type of chemical. This is a flavonoid that also works as an antioxidant. It has been shown to have a number of possible health benefits, such as improving circulation, curing erectile dysfunction, and easing the symptoms of prostatitis.

Some experts have found that taking in more than 500 mg of quercetin every day can help lower blood pressure. High blood pressure can cause damage to the blood vessels, which can make it hard to get an erection. This is because less blood can get to the private organs. Men who ate more fruit had a 14% lower chance of having problems getting or keeping an erection than men who ate less fruit. It’s possible that this is because of the flavonoids…..CONTINUE READING

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