Proposed relocation ban: Doctors’ Association replies Reps

The proposal to temporarily ban medical doctors and dentists from relocating abroad in the House of Representatives has drawn the reaction of Nigerian Medical Association (NMA).

The bill seeking to mandate every medical graduate to work in Nigeria at least for five years before qualifying for a full license that would enable those who desire to relocate abroad to do so, sponsored by Hon. Ganiyu Johnson, a lawmaker from Lagos State, on Thursday passed the second reading without hassle……CONTINUE READING

In Johnson’s presentation, when it is adopted, it would mitigate the prevailing health workers’ mass emigration for greener pastures.

But the proposal does not sit well with the Nigerian Medical Association.

The latter by an interview its National President, Dr Uche Ojinmah granted The Cable, deemed it discriminatory, self-serving and is dead on arrival.

“I’ m sure they know that bill cannot pass because it is against international labour laws. Everybody that passed through university was subsidised, why are they only interested in Nigerian medical personnel?

“If they want to say everybody that passes through Nigerian institutions must not leave Nigeria for five years, it is okay because it is now a law that is not segregational. But to target just Nigerian doctors, it cannot stand the test of time.

“Why is the house of representatives not interested in laws that will stop medical tourism? Don’t they think medical tourism is bad for Nigeria? Everybody from the president to the national assembly, they all go outside the country to get treated instead of taking care of our health sector. And the national assembly has not made any bill to control it,” Ojinmah told the publication……CONTINUE READING