See Why Your Panty Lines Are Visible.

apparent panty lines are a typical issue for most women since they arise when the seams of your underwear are visibly apparent beneath your clothing. This may cause discomfort for women since it may draw unwanted attention. Here are a few explanations for why there are obvious panty lines…..CONTINUE READING

1.You’re wearing pants with thick seams.

If you’re wearing pants with thick seams, especially if it’s fitted, your panty lines will be very obvious below your apparel. When wearing loose-fitting or clothing made of thick fibers, you can prevent this by wearing seamless panties or pants with wide seams.

2. You wear outfits made from extremely light fabrics.

It’s possible that the outlines of your panties will be visible if you don’t wear a slip short and instead wear see-through or sheer apparel. This can be avoided by wearing a gorgeous slip skirt or slip short underneath sheer clothing.

3.Your pants are quite tight.

Very snug underwear is not encouraged since it might scrape into the skin and make the borders of the panty obvious, especially when worn with bodycon dresses. It is advisable to wear pants that are the right size because wearing extremely small ones can also be uncomfortable. They might also leave skin traces…..CONTINUE READING