“She Cursed Me”: Married Nigerian Man Begs His Ex 6 Years after He Dumped Her, Goes on Knees in Video

A Nigerian man went on his knees to seek forgiveness from his girlfriend six years after he dumped her

According to the man who is married, things have not been going fine for him ever since and he came to the conclusion that she may be behind it….CONTINUE READING

His girlfriend opened up about the evil he did to her and reacted to his allegation that she is behind his marital woes

A Nigerian man tracked his ex-girlfriend in a bid to seek her forgiveness to fix his marital woes.

In a touching video seen on TikTok, he was accompanied by a content creator as he went on his knees to plead with the lady.

Married Nigerian man, six years after break up
He begged the lady to forgive him.
Photo Credit: @jinnaosayande1234Source: TikTok
He said that his marriage has been tough and that his wife was yet to deliver and these made him conclude his ex may be responsible.

The lady however denied his allegations, saying she only handed him over to God after he dumped her.

Narrating the circumstances surrounding their break up, the lady said that they dated for six years and that the man went to a pastor to enquire about their future.

She said her boyfriend dumped her because the pastor said she was an embodiment of bad luck. The lady said she was pregnant with a child and lost the child while dealing with their breakup.

She said that he left her stranded and refused to give her money to get a place but all that is in the past.

Watch the video below:

Reactions on social media
“I will not forgive him until I get married.”

“This is the reason why you should not date a broke guy because later on you will be the bad omen , problem and the cause of his problem.”

“In the first place what came to his mind before he said go to my pastor in the first place. He plan everything himself.”

“That guy got some one to act like a Pastor so that he gets out of that relationship but things ended up going bad for him.”

Juliet said:

“U are a good girl, may God give you a man that will love and change ur story.”

“U see that statement I hand you over to God, hmmm very powerful.”

Mayowa said:

“Advice him to see his pastor now for more deliverance.”

Joycee said:

“Dats why it important u get two boyfriends incase thunder fire one.”

Months after break up, Nigerian man goes back to his ex to beg
Meanwhile, previously reported that a Nigerian man had begged his ex for forgiveness months after break up.

Darasimi said he jilted her and went as far as insulting her mother as he refused to listen to her.

Six months after, he returned, seeking to make peace, saying his life has not been the same since they broke up. According to Simeon, he had been praying and fasting and God revealed to him that he needs her to fulfill his destiny….CONTINUE READING