Sickle Cell Patient, Winnie Onuoha, Needs Financial Help, Prosthetic

Thirty-year-old Winnie Onuoha has been successfully amputated at the National Orthopedic Hospital, Igbobi in Lagos. However, she needs a total of N235,800 to clear off her debt.

It would be recalled that in April 2020, Onuoha became a victim of bone decay in her right arm. It was a reaction to excessive intake of pentazocine injections to kill her trauma during the pains associated with sickle cell patients…..CONTINUE READING

Pentazocine injection, according to research, is a pain reliever used to treat moderate-severe pain during childbirth or surgery. And it is highly addictive and imperious to sickle cell patients, experts have warned.

Although her friends rallied around and put up go fund-me with hashtag #SaveWinnie to pay the N2m for the surgeries required in 2021, it yielded no result.

Sadly, her right arm was amputated at Igbobi in March 2023 after the arm decayed beyond recognition and bled uncontrollably with bones falling off daily.

Onuoha has since fought her battles herself after losing both parents in Lagos some years ago.

Winnie Onuoha currently needs help to pay up the bill at Igbobi and she needs a prosthetic as well.

She is still in a critical state. Thus, she needs good-spirited individuals and organizations to come to her rescue.

Donations can be made to her Fidelity Bank 6235978870 Onuoha Winnie. And she can be reached on 08080978016 for further enquiries…..CONTINUE READING