State Police: Shehu Sani Explains What Will Happen When There’s Conflict Between State and FG

Former Kaduna Central Senator, Shehu Sani, said there will be an exchange of gunfire between the state and the federal government police. Sani said this will happen in case of conflict between the State and the Federal Government....Read The Full Story Here ▶

He stated this via his X handle (formerly known as Twitter) @ShehuSani, on Monday 27.

Sani wrote:

“When you have State Police, that is how they will be exchanging fire with the Federal Police, in case of conflict between the State and the Federal Government.”

Nigerians react to Sani’s comment on state police

TheTalk.NG captured some reactions from Nigerians regarding the creation of state police.


Ofxourse. This is one of the disadvantage which state police may like bring to the table…in a country polarized along ethnic and religious lines, state police will do it more harm than good.


Any system that always disregards the rule of law would always be governed by the rule of chaos!

If the system’s rule of law is chaotic, it would still be governed by the rule of chaos!


To test whether state police will work, have positive impact and intended for good, I suggest that the NPF deploy personnel from the rank of sergeant to constable (keeping the mobile unit) to their respective states and/or LGs of origin for a year or two and assess the situation.


I don’t agree totally with u sir. The laws will be well strengthen and the state will be well govern even the local government will be allowed to have security system that will Carter for it people for those that can afford it.


It is a possible differential especially in conflict.

There are state police in countries without conflicts.

“Nigeria not ripe for state police,” says IGP Egbetokun

Meanwhile, TheTalk.NG reported that at the moment, state governments do not have the financial wherewithal to create a police force that will meet national standard.

This was the argument of Inspector General of Police (IGP), Kayode Egbetokun in Abuja on Monday, April 22.IGP Egbetokun also opined that creating state police will bring about divided loyalty apart from the claim that some governors will use the police in their domains for political interests.

However, Dr Abubakar Sani, a security expert, disagreed with the IGP, saying he strongly believes that only the federal police is incapable of properly policing the country.

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