Strange Things That Happen To Davido Whenever He And Chioma Aren’t On Good Terms – Bobo Ajudua Drops Shocker

Davido’s former lawyer, Bobo F. Ajudua, shared a heartfelt message on Instagram celebrating the marriage of his close friend Davido, and wife, Chioma.....Read The Full Story Here ▶

In his post, Bobo expressed his joy and gratitude for witnessing the couple’s journey to an unbreakable bond, reflecting on their growth through life’s highs and lows.

Bobo stressed the fairy-tale nature of Davido and Chioma’s love story, describing it as one of the most beautiful things he has ever seen.

He praised Chioma, calling her a blessed soul who deserves all the joy, happiness, and calm she exudes. Bobo humorously mentioned an inside joke he shares with Davido, noting that whenever Chioma is unhappy with him (Davido), everything they do seems to fall apart, from song releases to business deals.

Expressing his admiration for Chioma’s grace, Bobo prayed that she continues to bring this grace to her husband and their home. He emphasized his deep affection for her, stating that he loves her like his own blood.

Turning to Davido, Bobo acknowledged the significant growth he has witnessed in him over the years, from a boy to a man.

He teased Davido about being married for over a decade and only recently made things official.

He expressed his hope that Davido continues to grow into the man his wife and children need. Bobo conveyed his belief that God has even greater plans for Davido’s future.

Concluding his message, Bobo congratulated the couple, affirming that their union is God-ordained and expressing his love and support for them.

He wrote:

“This week one of my oldest friends got married to the love of his life who also became my sister over the years. Honestly watching you both grow into what has become this unbreakable bond has been one of the most beautiful things ever. Together through the ups and downs. The highs and lows. All to prepare you for this fateful day and beyond. These are what fairy tales are made of and I’m so grateful to be a part of and witness this blessed story. My sister Chiom, this is all about you. You are such a blessed soul and you deserve nothing short of the joy, happiness and calm you exude. The grace you carry is truly so strong that David and I have an inside running joke that whenever you two fall out or you’re not happy with him, everything we do just starts to fall apart. Song will drop it won’t blow. Deal we are chasing will fall apart. Long story short, everything HOOKS. I pray you continue to receive and extend this grace to your husband and your home and everything you do. You know I can’t say too much, but God won. Love truly won! And you know this already, but I love you like my own blood! ❤️❤️ To my brother, David! That 001 is officially for your pocket. We have a new leader . The journey here has been DIFFERENT but this day is truly one God ordained a time ago. I’ve always teased you that you’ve been married for over a decade. Ona just dey disguise . I’ve watched you grow tremendously over the years from a boy to a man from an angle very few have been privileged to see. My prayer for you is simple, that you continue to grow into the man your wife and kids need first, and the world second. You’re already blessed beyond ordinary yet im convinced God still has plans for you that you can’t comprehend yet. Love you always brother (stale gist). Congratulations again! May God guide and protect this union. Chivido 2024 but Chivido is FOREVER! ❤️ @davido @thechefchi ❤️ #Lagos #Nigeria.”

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