“The Millions I Put Into My Body Will Waste Without Exercise”: Tonto Cries As She Hits Gym to Improve Heart

Nigerian Nollywood star Tonto Dike has sparked concerns among her fans and followers as she recently disclosed her current health condition.

The screen goodness informed the public about her health and the procedures she is undergoing to ensure that she lives a long and healthy life….CONTINUE READING

According to Tonto, she has a bad heart at the age of 38, which has made her register at the gym to help better her current predicament.

The actress also revealed that she has spent a lot of millions making sure her body looks as attractive as it does, which can be useless if she refuses to inculcate exercises in her daily routine henceforth.

Not stopping there, the mother of one noted that her motivation for these is to ensure she lives long and healthy for her beloved son, King André.

“As part of my birthday gift to myself, I have decided to live a long life by gifting me a membership to a gym.

“I am a 38-year-old woman with a bad heart. This is not fun, nor do I like it here, but it’s my third day, and I can only say I breathe better, my pulse is open, my blood is pumping, and I am overall in pain.

“But I have a goal. I have a dream: “TO LIVE A LONG AND HEALTHY LIFE FOR MY SON.. I AM AND WILL ALWAYS BE A SURGERY GIRL (LIPO AND ALL), but I realise also that all the millions I put into making my body will be a waste without exercise and waist trainers, Faha, etc..”

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Internet users commend Tonto Dike’s new resolution


“You’re so real, saying it the way it is, no Pretence or formings here.”


“As an obsess lover of workout, Sincerely this got me emotional. Seeing you doing this. Am so glad to see you take such a step. It takes a great mind to be ready to embark on this journey. This comes with pains but one thing for sure, I hope you will find more joy and happiness doing this with consistency and never back out. You will be more happy at the end you took such step. The transformation you will get to see in your body will be awesome I bet you. Because I know what am saying.”


“Your heart is replace with a brand new one mama in JESUS MIGHTY NAME . “What GOD cannot do does not exist “ you’ll live long has GOD Liveth and His spirit lives ❤️❤️❤️❤️.


“You won’t have a bad heart anymore sis…..i pray for complete health for you. Pls don’t speak that negativity over urself anymore.”


“I love the fact that you are REAL. At least you accepted you did surgery but you see most celebrities out there, they will lie it’s only exercise. I love you ❣️. Keep being real mama❤️.”

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