There Was A Time That Only Five People Decided On Who The President Was Going To Be – Doyin Okupe

Doyin Okupe, a former presidential spokesperson, disclosed in an interview with Channels Television that the process of the emergence of the president of Nigeria has frequently required discussions and the engagement of stakeholders.....Read The Full Story Here ▶

On at least two separate occasions, he asserted that a small committee consisting of only five people made the decision regarding who would be elected as the President of Nigeria.

According to Doyin Okupe, the political landscape of Nigeria has always been moulded not merely by democratic processes but also by power brokers and talks that take place behind the scenes.

He praised Peter Obi for his visit to the former vice president, pointing out that a merger will be beneficial for his political career. He also praised Peter Obi for his visit.

According to him, “Nigeria presidents have been involved in about three or so; you know, how they emerge is through negotiations and stakeholder participation.

That is the truth. There was a time in this country (at least, I know about two times) that only five people, whether you like it or not (this is what we know and hold to be true), decided on who the president of Nigeria was going to be.

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