“There’s Money in This Business”: Wealthy Nigerian Man Acquires Brand New Tippers, Video Shows Clean Vehicles

A Nigerian businessman has been praised online for acquiring Mercedes Benz tippers worth millions of naira.

Tipper trucks in Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa are mostly used for heavy-duty conveyance of goods and materials…..CONTINUE READING

These materials range from building materials to large household properties. The trucks are usually hired by those who need them and the cost can be dependent on the items to be conveyed and distance.

Owning these trucks is a huge luxury. Apart from that, the brand of the truck also adds a huge incentive to its purchase price.

A businessman acquired two brand-new Mercedes tippers and a young man filmed the vehicles in awe.

They were coated with blue colour paint on the body and red and white inscriptions to adorn it.

“Where una dey see money?”, he captioned the video.

Some netizens who reacted to the video claimed that it costs about 13 million naira each.

Others noted that the businessman would make back his money within a short while of using the trucks properly.
Social media reactions


“18 million going down before 6 months u don recover the money begin dey eat gain big investment.”

@Maingee$ commented:

“One of those tipper na 13 million o.”

@Favvyçrùzé commented:

“Where una dey see money?”

@Jelly roll commented:

“Benz truck.”

@DCI commented:

“I’m next.”

@oil&gas wrote:

“Na money dey pass so lyk dat.”

@Cactusjack commented:

“Small sleep wey I sleep una don buy Benz.”

@HANIEL exclaimed:

“Nah Benz oh!”

@BADDIE commented:

“Wow, congrats.”

@ASK OF BIG_CAS exclaimed:

“Big money oooh!”

@blessed nation said:

“My boys is doing well.”

@SM AZY commented:

“Everything for this country na cruise. congrats bro.”

@øg swêêt lyf commented:

“Unto convoy levels.”


“Getting it like this soon.”

@Savage Funds exclaimed:

“Convoy level!”

Watch the video below:
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