These 3 Habits May Be Worsening Your Heart Condition

In this lifetime, you’re going to find yourself creating many different types of habits for different situations. Some people make it a habit to take off from work on their birthday. Others may make it a habit to enjoy a pint-sized carton of ice cream every Friday night as a form of self-care and reward for surviving the work week…..CONTINUE READING

Regardless of what your habits may be, it’s important to know if these habits are healthy habits or ones that are detrimental to your health and future. Just because you make it a routine doesn’t mean it’s good for you. Especially when this routine could be worsening your heart and any conditions it may have.

When it comes to the heart, there are so many conditions out there that you couldn’t possibly believe exist but they do.

One condition may be because the left side of your heart doesn’t pump blood properly and another condition could be because the right side of your heart doesn’t pump blood properly.

Then there is the condition where your heart muscle is extremely thick so it is difficult to pump blood through it.

You may develop a heart condition from poor eating habits and a lack of exercise.

Another reason why you might develop a new condition is because your heart simply doesn’t work the way it needs to anymore and there’s no real reason why. The heart is extremely important and delicate and even going through a breakup can cause damage to the heart.

Although you may be living with a condition, it’s your lifestyle and habits that may be making your symptoms better or worse. There are even habits that you might not have thought had anything to do with your heart but they do.

Another bad habit is Missing Your Checkup Appointments . Not making it to your appointments can…..CONTINUE READING