These Are 10 Popular Markets In Nigeria And What They Are Known For

Markets exist for people to buy and sell items. In Nigeria, there are markets that are the mother of all markets because of what they are known for. Both wholesalers and retailers benefit from these markets.

We would be taking a look at  10 of these markets below:….CONTINUE READING

1. Onitsha Market( Anambra)

Onitsha main market, which is considered West Africa’s commercial powerhouse, is an all-expansive market, considered the biggest market in terms of item availability and land size. This market is your plug for imported second-hand clothing, jewellery and industrial equipment, Onitsha has it all in its expansive market, considered the biggest market in terms of item availability and land size.

2. Computer Village (Ikeja, Lagos)

This market is a major contributor to the GDP of Nigeria. According toOmobola Johnson, a former Minister of ICT, computer village contributes about $2 billion to Nigeria’s economy annually. The market is considered the IT hub of Nigeria, where both indigenous and famous phone gadgets and accessories are sold.

3. Balogun Market (Marina, Lagos)

You can get any item you want at Lagos Island Market or Balogun Market. No matter how the energy is, whether intoxicating or thrilling, there are lots of things that can be bought from lace to ankara to fabrics to hair.

4. Ladipo Market ( Mushin, Lagos)

Ladipo market is known for spare parts market in terms of availability, because of the Lagos port. Electrical and mechanical spare parts of any kind, new and old, of any car brand are available here.

5. Ariaria market ( Aba, Abia)

Ariaria market specialises in “made in Aba” and “made in Nigeria” items. Is it shoes or bags you want to buy?  There is no product or brand replica that you want or are searching for that isn’t present here. Although the market has been tagged as selling replicas and inferior goods, there are also indigenous and quality products sold in the market.

6. Bodija ( Ibadan, Oyo)

At Bodija, you can purchase wholesale or retail foodstuff as you like and save more money. Bodija market has a wide variety of fresh and dried produce sold at cheap prices.

7. Oil Mill Market( Port Harcourt, Rivers)

Oil mill market is known for the crowd of people that troop in every Wednesday to buy everyday foodstuff. You can buy fresh food at cheaper rates in this market.

8. Zaki biam yam market (Benue)

Benue state, the food basket of the nation, houses the biggest yam market in Nigeria. Traders from all across the country come to Zaki biam to buy the best yams directly from the farmers at the market.

9. Kasuwar Kwari (Kano)

Kasuwar Kwari market in Kano has the best quality fabrics for sale. This market is where people from all over Nigeria, and even West Africa, come to purchase quality handmade tie and dyed fabric at a cheap cost to go sell elsewhere.

10. Alaba International Market (Lagos)

Alaba International market has everything electronics and appliances. This is also one of the biggest markets for Nollywood films distribution….CONTINUE READING