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These Surprising Things Will Happen In Your Body When You Drink Palm Wine

Palm Wine is an alcoholic beverage created from the sap of various species of palm tree such as the palmyra, date palms, and coconut palms. It is known by various names in different regions and is common in various parts of Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, South America, and Micronesia....CONTINUE READING

It might be known as a local alcoholic drink which has a sweet taste when freshly tapped and it is enjoyed by as many that loved it either when sweet or sour, thus refreshing them all the time but it is really more than that. In as much as it does all of the above, most people still fail to understand that palm wine contains rich nutrients which provide the body with lots of amazing benefits which are discussed in this article. Here are some of the surprising health benefits of Palm wine you may not know;

1. Improves Hair and Skin

Palm wine does more than is expected of it, it contains nutrients which helps in nourishing the skin, the hair and even the nails (fingers and toes alike), such as the vitamins, zinc, magnesium and others which plays a very important role in the improvement. It also helps in the promoting of new body cells by removing the dead cells in the body and replacing it, thereby giving the skin a soft, smooth and better appearance.

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2. Used to Treat Skin Rashes

In most places, palm wine can be used externally in the treatment of skin conditions such as rashes, ezcema etc., especially in small children. It is done by rubbing the affected areas with un-adultered palm wine, its content of vitamins will help soothe the skin and relieve such skin issues.

3. Improves Eye Vision

This is one of the primary functions of palm wine which many people are aware of but may not really know what nutrients actually does the work. The presence of the vitamins in palm wine such as vitamin C and B’s have a vital role which they play in improving eye vision.

While vitamin C helps in building the connective tissues of the body and the blood vessels of the eye preventing related eye problems like cataracts, macular degeneration etc. Vitamin B1 and B12 help in solving vascular related issues that concern the retina which could result in chronic inflammation and more.

Generally, vitamins help in keeping the eye healthy and reduces the chances of getting eye problems as much as possible. Potassium also helps in keeping the eye healthy and moist as its deficiency can cause eye twitches or eye muscle spams as a result of eye dryness caused by the lack of potassium.

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This benefits can’t be gotten from any other alcoholic beverage even those that promise it does, and this could be the sole reason people who live in the villages, tend to have a better eyesight due to their intake of palm wine which seems to be their top alcoholic drink.

4. Fights Cancer

Food rich in antioxidant properties is known to help in reducing cancer risk, as they help prevent oxidation processes in the body which could cause some chemical reactions in the body thereby leading to damages of vital organs and cells, ulcer, inflammation etc. Palm wine contains antioxidants which help prevent the free radicals from damaging the cells in the body and fight cancer. Example of such antioxidant in palm wine is vitamin B2 (Riboflavin).

5. Build the Body’s Structure

Protein is an essential nutrient which the body cannot do without, and palm wine contains lots of amino acids whose main function is to act as the building block of the macro-nutrient – Protein. Thus, it helps in building and improving the body cells and as well help to store nutrients in the body which is vital for the functions of the body’s organ. It also plays a major role in the repairing of the body’s tissues, structures of the bones and muscles.

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6. Increases Breast Milk

This is one of the functions of palm wine in the body which most people especially those in the villages are aware of. Though it is widely belived that taking of palm wine help increase breast milk in lactating mothers but scientifically, it hasn’t be proven.

But still, that doesn’t make the saying all wrong as most of the diseases and cure for the treatment of various health conditions are from naturally occurring plants and vegetations which our forefathers have practically been using. Palm wine has long served as the main beverage for lactating mothers in many African countries like Nigeria, Cameroon, etc., where it is mostly cultivated and can be easily gotten, and have been locally proven to help mothers whose breast milk are low by increasing the flow for adequate breastfeeding.