They Are Confused Whether I Was Doing Buga or Doing Babariga-Tinubu Jokes About Eagles Square’ Incident, Calls It A ‘Swagger’ (VIDEO)

President Tinubu has joked about him falling at the Eagles Square Abuja on Wednesday morning, June 12. Recall that President Tinubu was mounting the parade vehicle when he missed a step and fell....Read The Full Story Here ▶


An incident that generated mixed reactions on social media with some Nigerians mocking him.

Reacting to his mockers, Tinubu said the fall was him prostrating in respect to Nigeria for the 25 years of unbroken democracy.

A fall he described as ‘swagger’.

‘’Early this morning I had a swagger and it is on the social media. They are confused whether I was doing Buga or doing Babariga. but it is a day to celebrate democracy while doing dobale (prostration)for the day. I am a traditionally Yoruba boy, I did my dobale (prostration)”


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