Tinubu: You celebrated the 27 Rivers lawmakers, today they said they have not decamped -According to Asari Dokubo

A well-known figure in the Kalabari kingdom named Asari Dokubo has expressed his worries about a court decision concerning 27 legislators in Rivers State who have claimed to have switched from the PDP to the APC. Recall that a court in Rivers State recently ruled that the lawmakers continued to be PDP members.....Read The Full Story Here ▶

In a video Asari Dokubo shared on his Facebook page, he said that when the lawmakers announced their defection to the APC, Tinubu celebrated them, only for them to now say they never left the PDP. He questioned whether this situation aligns with the principles of democracy which Tinubu and others fought for

In Asari Dokubo’s words: “You celebrated them (27 Rivers lawmakers) that you can’t reject them and today they said they have not decamped. Is this the democracy you fought for? Is this the June 12 you fought for?’

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