UPDATE! Ajayi Crowther University Student Beaten to Death For Theft is a Prince From Warri

The boy who was beaten and k!lled in Ajayi crowther university for allegedly stealing a phone is a Prince from Warri. The prince, Alex Timileyi, was the son of Princess Antonia Emiko, daughter of Olu Erejuwa II (1951-1986), and an aunt of the current Olu of Warri.....Read The Full Story Here ▶

He was also a first cousin of His Majesty, Ogíamè Atuwatsé III CFR, the Olú of Warri Kingdom.

Prince Alex was said to have had his hair forcefully shaved by his assailants after he was reportedly caught with the stolen mobile phone.

They reportedly beat him 6pm yesterday (Friday) until he d**d at about 10am (Saturday).

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