What You Should Stop Believing About Drinking Water On An Empty Stomach

Accounting for up to 75% of your body weight, water plays a key role in regulating everything from brain function to physical performance to digestion and much more.

There is a long standing belief that drinking water on an empty stomach comes with some benefits for the body. Some people uphold this belief and claim that it is the better way of living since the body is usually dehydrated to an extent upon waking….CONTINUE READING

But is this claim true? In as much as water is very vital to the body due to the fact that the body is upto 60% water, there are some things that need to be cleared, so people don’t keep wallowing in ignorance.

In this article and inline with a publication on healthline, we are going to have a look at some of the things you should stop believing about water intake on an empty stomach.

What Are The Things You Should Stop Believing About Drinking Water On An Empty Stomach?

1. It is best to drink hot or warm water in the morning upon waking up – there is a widespread belief that drinking warm water on an empty stomach may soothe the body and boost digestion of food. This is not so true, since some scientific studies show that drinking warm water actually impairs hydration. So if you have always nursed the belief that drinking warm water upon waking would be highly beneficial to the body or is the right thing to do, you may have to rethink.

2. Drinking water before breakfast reduces the calorie intake throughout the day – there is some evidence that taking enough water before breakfast could be helpful in reducing the calorie intake during the day. In as much as this belief is borne out of the fact that water makes one feel full and less hungry, but this doesn’t mean that you must necessarily take water before breakfast to obtain or get this benefit. Instead drinking enough water at all times during the day whether before or after breakfast can play this role. So let no one coerce you into believing that you must take water before breakfast to cut down on calorie intake.

3. Drinking water first thing in the body improves skin health and also helps eliminate toxins – this is another belief that should be done away with. The kidneys are the primary receptors of fluid balance i.e. help to regulate fluid intake in the body and removal of waste substances, even though the kidneys require water to do this, there is no link between drinking water in the morning and the kidneys performing this function. On the contrary, the kidneys ability to get rid of toxins is dependent on the amount of this substances in the body and not by water intake or when you drink water….CONTINUE READING