When is the right time to eat banana?

Banana at different stages of its being ripen has different nutritional values.

Whether it is unripe, overripe or ripe, there are many things to consider before you eat banana…..CONTINUE READING


An unripe banana has a great source of probiotics. Probiotics provide your body with much-needed gut bacteria that help with digestion. Also, women with PH imbalance in the vagina need a lot of probiotics.

Barely ripe

A barely ripe banana has high fibre content and low sugar, which means that it won’t let you gain a lot of weight.


A ripe banana has a lot of antioxidants. This means it protects your body from diseases.

Very ripe

A very ripe banana has the lowest concentration of minerals and vitamins. When you are eating an overripe banana, it doesn’t do your body any good.


An over-ripe banana has the highest sugar and lowest fibre content. It’s not very good for your health…..CONTINUE READING