Why you shouldn’t borrow money from your wife

A video of a man who borrowed money from his wife has generated a lot of discussion after surfaced on social media.

In the video, the husband inquires about the amount of money he borrowed from the wife to pay off his debt…..CONTINUE READING

The husband was taken aback when the wife said he would give her N3,000 since he is aware that this is not the sum he borrowed from his wife.

The wife said that the N500 is interest from the loan the husband took out when the husband questioned why he had to pay N3,000.

The man was shocked since he had no idea that his wife would charge interest on the money he had borrowed from her just one day before.

Following his payment of N3,000 to the wife, she grinned and advised the husband to continue borrowing money from her because she loves him and enjoys doing business with him.

Many people on social media reacted to this because they couldn’t understand why the woman would charge interest on the money her husband had borrowed from her.

Others believed that borrowing money from one’s wife and paying interest is preferable to borrowing them money that they will never be able to repay.

Read comments here:

pr1nc3_mc: “Abeg na wife be the best person to borrow money from , they add interest every 10secs”

apeke_xo: “baby i saw this bag i like, i will borrow u from my money to buy it but u will give me bk…..i love my gender”

iamkingdinero3: “The camera quality for my phone no too sharp , once I get good camera Una own don finish for this internet, Una go know say me sef sabi love”

toluylene: “After the advice, he still gave her the money A man that values his life and peace of mind”

cupcake09: “66years in marriage, what’s the secret to a successful marriage…..”i always say Yes darling to my wife, whether she’s right or wrong) that’s how i survived he sha gave the 3k else, he Wil end up being the victim”
He asked her to break the money down according to how much he took and after the calculations, it came to bare that the husband took N2,500 from the wife.

chigirl_onyi: “But this is one of the thing that makes marriage/ relationships sweet na…..CONTINUE READING

Watch their conversation in the video below: