Wife Gets Nada After Divorcing And Requesting For Half of Her Husband’s Wealth

A man has successfully divorced his wife without having to share his main wealth with the wife.

PSG Star Achraf Hakimi’s wife, Hiba Abouk has filed for divorce, demanding more than half of her husband’s property and fortune…..CONTINUE READING

On arriving in court, it was realized that Achraf Hakimi had registered all his property under his mother’s name.

80% of the €1 Million he receives from PSG monthly is deposited in his mother’s account.

The Moroccan footballer has no property, cars, houses, jewelry in his name.

Hakimi allegedly paid a woman to travel to his home in Paris while his wife & children were away on holiday in February. That woman later accused him of Rape.

The wife filed for divorce after Hakimi was charged for Rape by French Authorities

As reported by Le Parisien, the French prosecutors decided to charge Hakimi because of the “seriousness” and “notoriety” of the alleged perpetrator of the crime.

Meanwhile many netizens didn’t cares to find out why Hiba wants a divorce in the first place.

Everyone want to read how Hakimi put his mother’s name on his properties. While some condemned him, as a grown man for putting his wealth in his mother’s name, majority enjoyed the fact that he didn’t have to share his wealth with the wife who was refered to as a ‘golddigger’.

Remembering when Asamoah Gyan declared he had only £600 in his bank account when his wife filed for divorce. He had kept his properties in his brother’s name so she couldn’t get any.

Many netizens labelled Asamoah Gyan and Achraf Hakimi as legends…..CONTINUE READING