You Claim to Be Rich But You Sold Your Wife’s Car Before You Could Afford Your Range Rover – Fella’s Brother Fires Medikal

Fella Makafui’s brother has continued to lash out at Medikal following his claims about his sister after their divorce. Medikal in several videos after announcing his separation from his ex-wife, accused Fella of multiple vices including being a poor mother, wasting a ton of his money, abuse etc.....Read The Full Story Here ▶

Fella has not clapped back herself but her angry brother is now angrily descending on Medikal and exposing a lot about him.

According to him, it is a known fact that Fella Makafui contributed more to the house they built than Medikal.

In fact, he accused Medikal of living off Fella’s sweat.

He also claimed that Medikal had to sell Fella’s car and add some cash before he was able to buy the Range Rover he’s so proud of.

These claims contradict Medikal who also claimed that Fella Makafui was the one wasting his money.

Watch the claims below…

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