13 Years Without Substantive Bishop, Heartless To Ahiara Diocese

A former Chairman of the Nigeria Union of Journalists NUJ Imo State Council Ben Osuagwu has challenged the Catholic Church hierarchy to explain to the whole world why Mbaise Diocese should stay for close to two decades without a Substantive Bishop after the death of the Late Bishop Victor Adibe Chikwe…..CONTINUE READING

Osuagwu described as most unchristian and heartless the denial of Mbaise nation a Substantive Bishop thirteen years after the death of Most Rev Dr Victor Adibe Chikwe, the first Bishop of the Diocese pointing out that this is first time in the history of the Church that such a thing is happening.

Ben Osuagwu who was speaking at this year’s World Communications Day celebrations said that it is unbelievable that a Church that prides itself as the most Universal Church from Jesus Christ to St Peter could be so negligent of the Souls of its flock.

He said that Jesus Christ was happy when His time was up to meet His Father to say that “Father I am happy that non of the souls you handed over to me was lost and wondered if any of the present day hierarchy of the Catholic Church in Rome and their Representatives in Nigeria will be to say such today especially as it affects the souls of the flocks handed over to them in Ahiara Diocese Diocese of Mbaise.

It is highly unfortunate that every year the Church comes up with one Topic bothering on listening with the heart of the ear or hearing with the ear of the heart or speaking with the heart, the truth in love Ephesians 4 Vs 5 and they themselves are not observing any or fail to listen to the people either with their ears of the heart or heart of their ears or Speaking With The Heart, The Truth In Love. How on earth can people believe that the Universal Catholic Church is playing politics with the souls of the people of a particular Diocese for close to two decades and yet everyone of them feels unconcerned and unperturbed arguably saying that their souls can perish.

Osuagwu noted that the late Bishop of Kafanchan Diocese the Most Rev Bagobri solved whatever the Living Bishops and Cardinals may feel were the sins of Mbaise Diocese which is nonexistent. It is only a matter of ego that is responsible for what is happening in Mbaise Diocese which those responsible will explain before God if what they preach to us is real. So far, they have not shown any good examples for us to believe what they preach to us except the ones taught us by our parents.

The Former NUJ Chairman called on Pope Francis to listen to the ear of the heart of the people of Ahiara diocese, Mbaise as well as speak with the heart, the truth in love and give them a substantive Bishop as he has done in many Dioceses across the world and in Nigeria. Osuagwu said that in many Dioceses whose Bishops died, they were replaced with Substantive Bishops but in the case of Ahiara Diocese, it seemed that someone somewhere who believes that he owns the Church in Nigeria and Africa will determine what happens and when. Unfortunately, what we all human beings should understand in the language of the wife of former President GoodLuck Jonathan is ‘there is God ooo.’ and we all must stand before Him to answer for our deeds.

Ben Osuagwu therefore called on all the Bishops in Nigeria to take as a matter of urgent attention to ensure that Ahiara Diocese gets her own Substantive Bishop immediately. He also appealed to the Papal Nuncio to exonerate himself by reporting adequately to Rome that one of the Dioceses in his territory has been without a Substantive Bishop for over thirteen years. He described as shameful and unheard of that one of the most respected citizens in Igboland is being alleged to be responsible for the denial of Mbaise nation a Substantive Bishop. Such a report is still confusing to most of us.

Osuagwu is of the view that if not for the fact that Mbaise is a place deeply rooted in Christ and Catholic faith, it would have been long the churches there become empty apparently that is what the people withholding or frustrating the appointment of a Substantive Bishop in Ahiara Diocese want to hear.

Osuagwu commended His Holiness Pope Francis for this year’s topic of Speaking With The Heart, The Truth In Love and appealed to him to exemplify the topic by applying the truth in love to give Ahiara Diocese a Substantive Bishop immediately. He also lauded the Administrator of Ahiara Diocese His Grace, Most Rev Lucius Iwejuru Ugorji and the entire Catholic Priests of Ahiara Diocese for their efforts in ensuring that many people do not continue to leave the Catholic Church in Mbaise. Osuagwu also appealed to the Catholic faithful in Ahiara Diocese to remain more prayerful believing that one day God will answer their prayers…..CONTINUE READING