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20-Year-Old Sentenced to Two Years and Two Months for Beating Tenant Over Unpaid Rent

Fermo, 28 February 2024 – He had gone to ask his young insolvent tenant for rent money and he had paid it with a blow. The perpetrator of the beating, a 20-year-old from Fermo, appeared before the judge of the Fermo court....CONTINUE READING

The young man, at the end of the trial, he was sentenced to two years and two months for the crimes of unjustified carrying of objects capable of offending and aggravated injuries. The episode took place one afternoon in Fermo, when the police from the police squad intervened following the report of a road assault against a 50-year-old local man.

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Once the officers arrived on site they had identified the attacker, a 20-year-old who was still holding a baseball bat, and the victim of the beating. After calming the still heated spirits, the police had reconstructed the story that had begun a few minutes earlier when the young man, who was fixing his car, had been approached by the man, owner of the apartment inhabited by the 20-year-old’s family, ordering him to leave the house. accommodation because he is delinquent on the rent due.

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After the argument the young man had taken it from the trunk of his car the baseball bat and hit the man on the shoulders. A few moments later the flying squad officers intervened and, as mentioned, calmed things down, acquired the statements of some witnesses and seized the baseball bat. The victim of the attack ended up in the emergency room. While the young man was accompanied to the police station and reported to the prosecutor’s office of the Republic.

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