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40 years after Bala Shagari’s ‘forceful’ retirement from Army, son cries out over his entitlements

Bello Shagari, the grandson of former President Shehu Shagari, has revealed how his father, Muhammad Bala-Shagari, was forcefully retired from the Nigerian Army....CONTINUE READING

In a social media post to celebrate the birthday of his father on Sunday, the young Shagari said his father was retired from the Army after a military coup that ousted his grandfather in 1983.

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According to him, the only offence his father committed was being the son of the overthrown president.

He said his father was a captain in the armed forces at the time he was retired.

Posting the picture of his dad in military uniform, Mr Shagari wrote, “This was my father, Capt. Bala Shagari, circa 1980. He loved his job but was forcefully removed from the Nigerian Army in 1984, when his father, Alhaji Shehu Shagari, was removed in a coup. His only offence was being his father’s son.

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“But he survived all those years without any entitlement whatsoever. He just turned 75 years old today. Happy Birthday, Baba!”

Recall that Major-General Muhammadu Buhari became head of state in December 1983 after he toppled the democratically elected administration of Mr Shagari.

The then-military junta cited the inability of the civilian administration’s to manage the economy properly, rising inflation, corruption in government, and the failure of the government to provide security for lives and property as the reasons for the forceful takeover.

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