5 Ways To Prevent Wall Geckos From Your Home

In many cultures,  gecko lizards have been traditionally viewed as harmless creatures, often revered and protected from harm. The Igbos call it Agu Uno, in Hausa land they call it Tsaka, and Ọmọ onílé in Yorùbá. However, recent accounts shared online have painted a different picture, casting these once-friendly house guests in a negative light....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

Wall geckos may seem harmless, but they can pose risks to humans. They often hide in homes and can carry diseases like Salmonella. Their droppings and shed skin can contaminate surfaces, making people sick.

American Wall gecko Eugene Onah, a zoology and environmental biology lecturer at the University of Nigeria, said; “One wouldn’t automatically die just because a wall gecko fell into the food one is eating,” he said. “However, because the wall gecko carries a lot of bacteria in its mouth, the tendency of one getting infected from the bacteria is high.

Also, some of the bacteria multiply within a short time which can cause serious harm in one’s body within a short while.”

Geckos can also damage property by staining walls and chewing on wires. To prevent gecko problems, keep your home clean and use natural repellents like garlic or eggshells.

For those seeking to rid their homes of these unwanted visitors, here are five ways to prevent wall geckos from your home

1. Secure Your Entry Points: – Install mesh screens on all windows and doors, especially if they don’t close tightly. Geckos can slip through small openings, so it’s crucial to seal off potential entry points. Even popular aluminium sliding windows may not provide sufficient protection, as geckos can effortlessly enter from below, even when closed.

2. Use Garlic: – Deploy garlic as a natural repellent by placing cut cloves near areas where geckos frequent, particularly where droppings are spotted. The pungent odour of garlic is known to deter geckos, explaining their absence in kitchens where this aromatic bulb is often used.

3. Eggshells – Utilize eggshells as another effective deterrent. Scatter broken eggshells in areas where gecko activity is prevalent. Remarkably, geckos harbour a deep aversion to eggshells, perceiving them as a threat, which can drive them away.

4. Eradicate Insect Prey: – Address the root cause of gecko attraction by eliminating their primary food source—insects. Regularly fumigate your home or utilize insecticides to keep insect populations in check. Without a readily available food supply, geckos will be less inclined to inhabit your space.

5. Declutter – Declutter your living and working areas to remove hiding spots and potential habitats for geckos. Minimize the accumulation of belongings, particularly in areas where geckos are commonly found. In the kitchen, avoid overcrowding utensils and containers, reducing opportunities for geckos to take up residence.

By implementing these preventative measures, you can create an environment less hospitable to geckos, helping to maintain a harmonious and gecko-free living space.

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