A 32-year-old Nigerian Doctor, Uzochukwu Igboanugo k!lled by a drunk driver in the United States of America. “Chief IKB Igboanugo in tears”

Uzochukwu, the son of prominent Igbo businessman, Chief I.K.B. Igboanugo, the founder of I.K.B Industries Limited, was k!lled while driving home after work three weeks ago. The grieving father who confirmed the tragic incident in a Facebook post on Monday, May 13, 2024, said the drunk driver fell asleep at the wheel while speeding on the highway and rammed into his son’s car....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

He described his son as a very happy, intelligent, friendly, caring, nice and loving boy.

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“I lost my son 3 weeks ago, I have been crying like a baby. A medical doctor ( Ophthalmologist) in America,” Chief Igboanugo wrote.

“An accident victim of a drunkard who fell asleep while speeding on the highway, jumped his lane in the opposite direction and hit with speed force on the driver’s side door where my son was as he was driving home after work.

“We can’t question God as He has the final decision.

“Always pray as a parent not to loose any of your child irrespective of his behaviour because loss of a child can k!ll any parent.

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“Uzochukwu my son was a very nice boy, always happy, intelligent, friendly, caring, loving, sociable etc.

“He was 32yrs old, not yet married despite my nagging, he sacrificed all his time and achieved Ophthalmology which is a very difficult medical course in the history of reading medicine to become a medical doctor.

“Since his d£ath I have been going through mental and psychological trauma as my doctor has been warning me.

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“My wife also has not been her self. Pls don’t wish your worst enemy this type of tragedy, now I pray for anybody who has not lost his child never to experience it. It is hellish and a disaster.

“Uzochukwu my son you are now in God’s bosom and working for Him that was why he took you this early. As your soul will rest in God’s bosom in Jesus name.: