According to the Bible, A Man Is Supposed to Take His Wife’s Last Name, Not the Other Way Round — Lady Claims

A lady has insisted that men should consider adopting their wives’ last names instead of the other way. She quoted the bible to back her stance. In a widely shared video, she explained that the Bible instructs a man to leave his parents and cling to his wife, which she interprets as leaving behind everything related to them, including his last name....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

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According to her, this is why a man should take his wife’s last name instead of the other way around, but this idea is not often discussed because it doesn’t align with the narrative men typically promote.

Reactions trailing her statement:

MARADONA wrote: “Nah Queen James Version be her bible”

M said: “Tell us say you dey craze without telling us”

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Anthonia wrote: “When your husband gets to your house, tell him you’re the man of the house and that he should take your last name since you’re the one who married him.”

kaydeyofficial wrote: “The Bible says nothing about a man or a woman taking each others name, minister of oil and gas is coming here to translate what she doesn’t know.”

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Nnayi stated: “Nobody is talking about it because we no follow you dey craze”

Winifred asked: “What Bible is this one talking about??? What is wrong with people???”