Alfredo Cabrera, the mayoral candidate in Mexico has been assassinated at point-blank range while campaigning. Cabrera was captured on video smiling and greeting supporters in the middle of his final campaign rally stop in Coyuca de Benitez, Guerrero, on Wednesday, May 29, just moments before he was brutally shot....Read The Full Story Here ▶

The attacker could be seen with a gun in his hand, boldly pointed at the back of Cabrera’s head just as he was about to address 300 supporters.

The video gets fuzzy, but you can hear the sound of gunshots in succession, along with the panicked screams of terrified supporters.

Another distressing video captured later shows Cabrera’s lifeless body lying on the ground at the abandoned campaign rally event and the body of the purported gunman is also seen. The prosecutor’s office confirmed the alleged attacker was killed at the scene.

Cabrera’s murder adds to the grim tally of murdered candidates, mostly vying for mayor or town councils in Mexico’s 2024 election cycle, now reaching 36, making it the bloodiest election in the country’s history.

A day earlier, a mayoral candidate in the central state of Morelos met a tragic end while another contender was shot and left seriously injured in western Jalisco state.

Watch the video below;

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