Attack on Backers: Fubara Reads Riot Act To Resigning LG Chairmen Who Advocate Pro-Wike

Attack on Backers, the governor of Rivers State, Sir Siminalayi Fubara , has issued a warning: any departing local government chairman in the state who causes harm to any well-meaning Rivers citizen would not be pardoned; instead, they will be held accountable for their transgression....Read The Full Story Here ▶

According to Leadership, the contentious tenure extension that the 27 fired members of the River State House of Assembly were requesting for the local government council chairmen put them at odds with Governor Fubara. Additionally, they are perceived as supporters of the state governor’s estranged godfather, current FCT Minister Nyesom Wike.

He brought up the Tuesday incident in which some attendees of the project’s inauguration for Aleto-Ogale-Ebubu-Eteo Road were attacked by miscreants. on their way home, and claimed that such a display of hostility was totally unnecessary.

Fubara gave a speech on Thursday at the Elele-Egbeda-Omoku Road project’s formal kickoff in the Egbeda community in the state’s Emohua local government district.

‘Let me also say this here,’ declared the governor.

Some individuals went to Aleto the day we left and attacked our people. That’s not necessary at all.Everyone is capable of using violence. In fact, it should be me who declares out loud that I will carry out this and that. It is not necessary for me to do that, though, as I own both sides. I swear to defend everyone.

Thus, I’m telling individuals who identify as local government chairmen, you spend a couple days at work. Would you kindly behave yourselves in a calm manner?

Fubara pointed out to them the harsh realities of life beyond the office, which he claimed would make them more cautious.

‘Politics will come and go, but we’ll still live our lives,’ he declared. Let no one fool you; if you intentionally harm someone as a result of offering your worthless assistance, no one will ever be able to forgive you. You’ll have to cover the cost.

Therefore, I’m pleading with everyone to behave themselves. In actuality, as a governor who is incompetent, I am the one who gets hammered the hardest and mistreated. Is it not? Have I made any statements?Please simply persevere till you’re done, at which point you can go your manner. I wish to avoid trouble. Anything that may cause issues in this state is not something I want. We won’t give them the chance, but I know what they want to do.

‘We are following the path of peace as we have promised to do with our leader, who also happens to be the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.’We’ll keep going in that direction. Ignore what they have to say. Ignore anything they do. The right route is still peace. Following the path of peace does not imply that we won’t protect ourselves; rather, to put it another way, we won’t just stand there like a tree and watch someone approach. to remove it, but refuses to do action. No, no, no. We must also take legal precautions to safeguard ourselves.

Speaking on the project’s launch, the governor said that the goal was to demonstrate to the world that his administration cared about Rivers State and that it was openly recording each and every kobo that was received.

Fubara clarified that the Elele-Egbeda-Omoku

Road, project will be financed by Internally Generated Revenue (IGR) savings, noting that half of the project’s N80.8 billion total cost has already been covered.

Senator John Azuta Mbata, who once served as the National Assembly’s representative for the Rivers East Senatorial District, introduced the project by describing the dual carriage road as the kind that falls under the purview of the Federal Government to make the award, but Governor Fubara is now handling it.

‘We are, in fact, extremely delighted to have a governor of your calibre,’ Mbata stated. We honor your initiative on this particular occasion. On this particular day, we honor your humanity. We commend your humility at this particular moment.

‘We honor your inclination and choice for calm and quiet. We are honored to be linked with your modest self, and we hope that our mere being here today conveys our support for you.

There’s no need to go into great deal of information about it. Politicians are aware that by taking this position, I am making a significant political statement.

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