BREAKING: Jubilation in Kaduna Community As State Govt Deploys Security To Protect Residents From Attack

There is widespread jubilation in Ambe, a community in Sanga Local Government Area of Kaduna State following the deployment of security personnel by the Kaduna State Governor, Dr. Uba Sani, to protect residents of the area from further attack by gun men....Read The Full Story Here ▶

It would be recalled that few weeks ago, Ambe community was attacked by gun men leading to the killing of six people while several others sustained various degrees of injuries and are currently receiving medical treatment at different hospitals.

Since the attack, some residents of the community have deserted the area while others were living in palpable fear and tension. They could not go to their farms or do other businesses freely due to fear of attack.

Findings by The AUTHORITY revealed that following the deployment of the security personnel who arrived the Ambe community on Sunday, residents who hitherto deserted the area have since returned and tension among the people have gone down.

Responding to questions from our Correspondent, the Youth Chairman of Ambe community, Mr. Micah Audi, disclosed that there was a sense of relief among the people when the security personnel arrived.

According to him, when the security personnel arrived the community, there was spontaneous jubilation among the people, and that those who left to other villages due to fear, on hearing the news, returned immediately.

“We are happy because of what the Kaduna State Government under the leadership of Dr. Uba Sani has done for us by deploying security personnel to our community. The security personnel arrived yesterday (Sunday).

“With their arrival, the tension in the community has reduced drastically. People don’t usually sleep well, in fact, some people don’t even sleep in the village, but yesterday, the village came back to life.

“People don’t usually go to their farms, but today being Monday, everybody is working in his farm.

“Personally, as the youth chairman, I am at ease now. I feel like a heavy load has been taken from my shoulder. As you know, when there is no peace and people cannot sleep and have rest of mind, there is no way I can be at ease as a leader.

“Our community is now full of life. Children are playing around without fear. People are now going about doing their business with smiles beaming on their faces. We are, indeed, happy and we thank the governor for this deployment.

“We are going to give the security personnel all the needed support so that they will succeed in protecting our people and restoring peace to the area,” Mr Audi said.

It would be recalled that a week ago, in a Press Release that was widely circulated, the President, Numana Community Development Organisation (NCDO), Comrade Ahmed Mazo, expressed concern over the killing of innocent people at Ambe and other communities in Sanga and Jema’a Local Government Areas.

In the Press Release, the NCDO President, expressed worry over rising incidences of kidnap in some communities in Sanga and Jema’a local government areas in recent time.

“To compound the already terrible situation being faced by our people, herdsmen have taken over the ancestral lands of residents of some of our communities, thereby turning the areas to flashpoints of regular kidnap of innocent farmers. Some villages that have been taken over by herdsmen include, Dangwa Ungwan Kafinta, Ninte and Dangwa Ungwa Manzo.

“While acknowledging the effort of the Kaduna State Government under the leadership of His Excellency, Senator Uba Sani, to combat general insecurity in the state, we believe that more can be done to protect our people, especially, in Sanga and Jema’a Local Government Areas.

“We, therefore, appeal to the Kaduna state government to deploy more security operatives to our rural communities in order to protect our people and also restore their already battered confidence so that they can engage in farming activities without fear of attack,” the NCDO President stated in the Press Release.

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