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BREAKING: Nigerians Ask For Whereabouts Of Asari Dokubo As Soldiers Razed Delta Community

Some Nigerians on social media are calling out popular Niger Delta activist, Asari Dokubo, for keeping quiet as the Nigerian Army had razed down Okuama community in Delta State....CONTINUE READING

The African Examiner had earlier reported that some youths had ambushed and killed at least 15 soldiers who were on their way for a peace talk between Bomadi and Okuoma communities.

This development led to the Nigerian army coordinating a reprisal attack and razing down the community.
This has led many netizens on social media to begin asking for the whereabouts of Asari Dokubo. Before now, Dokubo had been an ally of President Tinubu but things later fell apart as the former freedom fighter did a video that went viral berating President Tinubu of been one-sided in his appointment.
The African Examiner gathers some thoughts of netizens as seen on X concerning the silence of Asari Dokubo over the happenings in Okuama community.
@MO_Shaibu_ writes: “Asari Dokubo that was one of the loudest voices for Tinubu in the South South region is now the quietest voice now that his own people in the Niger Delta are being massacred by soldiers loyal to Tinubu and some Northern elites. Too bad.”
@HiikyaaTor writes: “Asari Dokubo is fasting that is why he is Quiet.”
@miyamotong writes: “After you people killed Military Personnel, mercilessly cutting them into pieces, but you are calling Asari Dokubo to do what for you, as Mad as Nnamdi Kanu cant support you on this one, you must pay for it.”
@Nwafresh writes: “I remembered how Asari Dokubo mobilized boys from the entire Niger Delta down to Abuja to fight anyone protesting against Tinubu. It’s time to voice out against the killings in Delta and Bayelsa, we’re now looking for Ijaw Khal Drogo all over the country.”
@MO_Shaibu_ writes: “Where is Asari Dokubo and his bazookas/rocket launchers now that his own people need protection?”
@EmekaGift100 writes: “Where Is Asari Dokubo, The Niger Delta Hit Man In The Ongoing Military Ethnic Cleansing In Okuama, Delta State? In the wake of the ongoing destruction of lives and properties by the Nigerian Military in Okuama community of Delta State, notable individuals from the region have raised their voices concerning the ugly incident happening in the area. There are several concerns as to why some individuals who parade themselves as spokesmen and stakeholders of Niger Delta region chose to remain silent over the incident happening at their backyard. Begging for questions such as, where is Asari Dokubo, the Niger Delta war lord in the midst of these fracas in Delta State? Recall that in every political event happening in the country, especially regarding to the Niger Delta region, the stomach infrastructure Asari Dokubo, goes about gloating how he could use his connection and access to President Tinubu, the Nigerian Military and the cabals in Aso Rock to do whatever he wishes. However, in a time like this, when carnage enveloped the people of Okuama community in Ugheli LGA of Delta State, a supposed Ijaw dominated area have we noticed the criminal silence from the Ijaw front Man, Asari Dokubo. Who barks on top of his voice about his dear Niger Delta region. Today, when his voice is needed to calm the situation in the region has he gone mute and underground. Raising questions from Niger Delta residents such as, where is Asari Dokubo in the whole things happening in the region? Why has he remained silent and mute over the incident? Connect the dots.”

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