BREAKING: Price Of Bag Of Dangote, BUA, Other Cement This Week

The current price of a bag of cement in Nigeria ranges between ₦8,500 and ₦10,500, with slight variations depending on the location within the country. This price range reflects a notable increase compared to previous years. Several factors contribute to the rising cement prices in Nigeria:...Read The Full Story Here ▶

1. Economic Conditions: Inflation and exchange rate fluctuations significantly impact the cost of production and transportation, affecting the final retail prices.

2. Supply Chain and Production Costs: Variations in the cost of raw materials and energy, along with logistical challenges, particularly in remote areas, lead to higher prices.

3. Government Policies and Taxes: Regulations, taxes, and import duties can also influence cement prices, as they affect cement manufacturers’ overall operating costs.

4.Market Dynamics: The balance between supply and demand plays a crucial role. Seasonal construction booms and market speculations can drive prices up as demand outstrips supply.

Melody news, in this article, has deemed it fit to state the current price range of cement in Nigeria this week.

Price Of Dangote Cement

The current price of Dangote cement varies from ₦7,600 to ₦8,000 per 50kg bag, depending on the location.

Price Of BUA Cement

The retail price of BUA cement in Nigeria is between ₦6,500 to ₦7,000.

Price Of Ibeto Cement

The new price of Ibeto cement in Nigeria ranges between ₦7,200 to ₦8,500.

Price Of Lafarge Cement

The new Lafarge cement price in Nigeria is between ₦6,500 to ₦8,000.

Price Of UNICEM Cement

The price of UNICEM Cement ranges between ₦8,000 and ₦8,500, depending mostly on the location of purchase.

Price Of POP Cement

The price of POP Cement is ₦10,500.

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