Bwala replies Adeyemi after saying those who lost in the presidential election should wait till 2027

Few days ago, it was reported that Mr Smart Adeyemi, who happens to be the senator representing the Kogi West Senatorial District in the 9th Senate, said that the just concluded 2023 presidential election, was the best of its kind in the history of Nigeria, adding that those who are not pleased with the outcome of the poll should try again in the 2027 general elections…..CONTINUE READING

Smart Adeyemi, while speaking during the interview said that, “I speak my mind at any point in time and let me tell you the truth, I hold the view that this election was free to a large extent and better than the previous election. Those who feel bitter can just wait for the next election.”

However, while Mr Daniel Bwala, who happens to be the official spokesperson to Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and the Peoples Democratic Party’s Presidential Campaign Council, was reacting to this on his official Twitter handle last night, said that, Adeyemi only lost primary election in his state and he is calling for heavens to fall down.

He said, “Sen Smart Adeyemi recently boasted, that those who lost the presidential election should wait for 2027.

Na only primary election him lost ohhh and him Dey call the heavens to fall. Hmm. What is good for Guinea is good for Uganda…..CONTINUE READING