Dear Ladies, Please Stop Use of This Lotion on Your Face

While beauty products often promise to enhance our appearance, some popular lotions and creams might be causing more harm than good, especially when applied to the delicate skin of the face. One such product raising serious concerns is “Radiant Bright Complexion Renewal.”...CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

Despite its appealing name, this lotion contains harmful ingredients that can lead to severe and potentially permanent skin damage. Health authorities are urging women to stop using this product immediately.

Concerns About Radiant Bright Complexion Renewal

The primary issue with Radiant Bright Complexion Renewal is its high concentrations of hydroquinone and mercury. Although small amounts of hydroquinone are legally used for skin lightening in the United States, the levels in this lotion are dangerously high.

Hydroquinone: This harsh bleaching chemical reduces melanin production, which can lead to:

Blue-black discoloration of the skin

Extreme swelling and redness

Burning, peeling, and cracking

Increased risk of skin cancer

Darkening of the skin after sun exposure

Mercury: A toxic heavy metal that should never be used in cosmetics. Its presence in this lotion can cause:

Permanent scarring, rashes, and discoloration

Kidney and neurological damage

Birth defects if used during pregnancy

Mercury poisoning

Origin of the Dangerous Lotion

Radiant Bright Complexion Renewal is produced by Thi&Tho Cosmetics, an overseas company known for making unauthorized copies of popular skincare brands. These counterfeit products are often sold online or in unlicensed stores without adhering to safety standards.

Health inspectors found extreme variations in the concentrations of hydroquinone and mercury in different batches of the lotion, with some containing up to 30 times the legal limit of hydroquinone. This indicates a lack of quality control and safety measures.

Why Some Women Still Use It

Cultural perceptions often equate lighter skin with beauty, driving the demand for skin lightening products. Radiant Bright Complexion Renewal falsely promises to fade dark spots and freckles, using misleading marketing tactics to attract consumers. However, the risks far outweigh any perceived benefits.

Steps to Take if You’ve Used This Lotion

If you have been using Radiant Bright Complexion Renewal or similar products, stop immediately and consult a doctor or dermatologist. Do not attempt to treat any symptoms yourself. Professional medical care is crucial to prevent further damage.

Your doctor may recommend gentle skincare routines and broad-spectrum sunscreens to protect your skin. Avoid unsafe, unregulated cosmetic treatments and embrace the natural beauty of your skin tone.

Safe Alternatives

For those looking to address uneven pigmentation or dark spots, safe alternatives include:

Prescription creams and gels with regulated hydroquinone concentrations

Lightening agents like kojic acid, licorice extract, or vitamin C

Chemical peels


Laser treatments

Always obtain treatments from licensed professionals and avoid unverified internet purchases or overseas imports.


The warnings about Radiant Bright Complexion Renewal should serve as a reminder to avoid cheap, fake beauty products. Protect your health and natural beauty by using only safe, regulated cosmetics recommended by trusted professionals. Every skin tone is beautiful and should be celebrated.

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