Details: Residents Refuse To Pick Money Thrown By Singer Portable In His Base

It appears Portable, the singer whose real name is Habeeb Okikiola, has started losing face in one of his bases.

Insiders disclosed that the singer recently visited Ilogbo, the area he grew up in Ota,Ogun state but received a cold reception of a sort……CONTINUE READING

“He came to the area in his new black G-wagon and in his habit was throwing money on the streets but people didn’t rush him like people, residents mostly just looked on” SocietyNow.Ng learned.

Those in the confirmed some people picked the money but there was no shoving and pushing in the bid to do so.

“Normally when Portable comes, everybody will know because he is usually trailed by an army of Okada riders and residents falling over themselves to pick up the money he throws but that didn’t happen during his last visit. It was like he didn’t come” Societyow.Ng gathered.

Information at hand revealed that the singer controversial singer who formerly shared a squatter with his married elder sister in the area also didn’t drive as recklessly as he used to do.

There are talks that the reception received by Portable in the area has roots in growing misgivings about his “throwing money.”

And it has not helped the singer that he has clashed with different factions of people over this and that in the area and its environs.

Though home to different kinds of faith, Ota is an area where superstition talks get a second look……CONTINUE READING