Dollar, Naira Black Market Exchange Rate Today – May 14, 2024

How much is a dollar to naira today in the black market? The black market dollar to naira exchange rate today, 14th May 2024, is as follows:...CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

  • Buying rate: ₦1,448.00 per US dollar
  • Selling rate: ₦1,475.00 per US dollar

The foreign exchange market is an ever-evolving platform where currencies fluctuate, reflecting the dynamics of the global economy. In Nigeria, the black market exchange rate for the US dollar to Naira is particularly significant for various financial transactions. Here’s an insightful look into today’s rates. The black market, often referred to as the parallel market, is a segment of the foreign exchange market where currency trading occurs outside of official channels. The rates here can differ substantially from the official rates provided by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

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How much is a dollar to naira today in the black market?

As of 14 May 2024, the black market exchange rate for the US dollar to Naira is as follows:

Dollar (USD) to Naira (NGN) Black Market /Aboki Exchange Rate Today
Buying Rate ₦1448.00
Selling Rate ₦1475.00

This means that if you want to buy 1 US dollar in the black market today, you will need to pay 1,475.00 naira, and if you want to sell 1 US dollar, you will receive 1,448.00 naira. NB: These rates may vary slightly depending on the location and the dealer. 

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Dollar to Naira Black Market Exchange Rate Table for Different Denominations:

Here’s a breakdown of the exchange rate for various denominations of Dollars to Nigerian Naira in the black market:

Amount in Dollar ($) Buying Rate (₦) Selling Rate (₦)
1 US Dollar ($1) to Naira ₦1,448.00 ₦1,475.00
5 US Dollars ($5) to Naira ₦7,240.00 ₦7,375.00
10 US Dollars ($10) to Naira ₦14,480.00 ₦14,750.00
20 US Dollars ($20) to Naira ₦28,960.00 ₦29,500.00
50 US Dollars ($50) to Naira ₦72,400.00 ₦73,750.00
100 US Dollars ($100) to Naira ₦144,800.00 ₦147,500.00
200 US Dollars ($200) to Naira ₦289,600.00 ₦295,000.00
300 US Dollars ($300) to Naira ₦434,400.00 ₦442,500.00
400 US Dollars ($400) to Naira ₦579,200.00 ₦590,000.00
500 US Dollars ($500) to Naira ₦724,000.00 ₦737,500.00
600 US Dollars ($600) to Naira ₦868,800.00 ₦885,000.00
800 US Dollars ($800) to Naira ₦1,158,400.00 ₦1,180,000.00
1000 US Dollars ($1000) to Naira ₦1,448,000.00 ₦1,475,000.00
5000 US Dollars ($5000) to Naira ₦7,240,000.00 ₦7,375,000.00
10000 US Dollars ($10000) to Naira ₦14,480,000.00 ₦14,750,000.00

How does the black market dollar-to-naira exchange rate compare to the official rate?

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The official exchange rate of the US dollar to the Nigerian naira, as of today, 14th May 2024, is ₦1,592.67 per US dollar. This is the rate that the CBN uses for its transactions and interventions in the foreign exchange market. The official rate is also the basis for the exchange rates of other foreign currencies, such as the euro, the pound sterling, and the Chinese yuan. The difference between the black market rate and the official rate is called the parallel market premium. The parallel market premium indicates the degree of divergence between the official and unofficial markets, and reflects the level of confidence in the naira and the CBN’s policies.