Early Signs Of Diabetes That Are Noticeable In The Eyes, Skin And Legs

Do you aware that diabetes symptoms vary? Elevated blood sugar levels generate many diabetic symptoms, some of which may be confused for other conditions.

According to a WebMD article, diabetes symptoms begin in the eyes, skin, and legs. These signs, collated from reliable health websites, will be informative and enlightening. Enjoy learning from this article….CONTINUE READING

How Does Diabetes Affect Foot, Skin, and Eyes?

healthline High blood sugar can dilate the eye lens. Dilation can cause hazy vision quickly. Before acquiring new glasses, persons who suddenly lose their vision should have their blood sugar checked. Diabetic retinopathy causes blurred or distorted vision, light sensitivity, and blindness if left untreated.

Diabetes also affects legs and feet. Because chronic high blood sugar, such in diabetics, can induce extremity tingling and numbness. Diabetics may experience leg and foot tingling and pain. If you neglect diabetic leg and foot tingling and burning, you could lose a limb.

3. Diabetes severely damages skin. Acanthosis nigricans is high blood sugar-induced skin darkening. So, some people have darker lower thighs or underarms than the rest of their body. Most persons with odd darkening of their lower thighs or armpits have early-stage diabetes, so get your blood sugar checked….CONTINUE READING