Edo guber: Obi bursts Akpata’s bubble, says ‘Obidient Movement not resident in any party’

Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party (LP) in the 2023 general elections, Mr Peter Obi, on Wednesday, punctured the bubbles of Olumide Akpata, the LP governorship candidate in the September 21 election in Edo State when he declared that the popular Obidient Movement does not belong to or resident in any political party. Olumide has been banking on the Obidient Movement as his superstructure of support for the coming election....Read The Full Story Here ▶

But Obi, in a series of posts on his verified X handle @PeterObi, unwittingly discarded Akpata from hoping the Obidient Movement. He stressed that the movement supports the struggle for justice, equity, fairness and inclusivity.

The post reads:

“I like to categorically state that the Obidient Movement is not directorate of any particular political party. Any individual or individuals claiming to be leaders of this non-existent directorate are simply not members of the broader Obidient Movement.

“There may be a youth mobilization directorate in political parties but the Obidient movement is far beyond a particular political party. The Obidient Movement is a diverse and inclusive collective that transcends traditional political, religious, and ethnic affiliations.

“It is not domiciled within any particular party or headquartered in any particular part of the country. Its membership spans across Africa and the globe, comprising individuals from various backgrounds, including rural communities, and public, private, and corporate entities, united by a shared vision for a New and better Nigeria. Guided by the principles of adaptive and transformative change, progress, discipline, and democratic values, the Obidient Movement advocates for fairness, equity, inclusivity, and justice.

“It is committed to a strictly accountable and responsible code of government. Our members are committed to contributing to the realization of a better future for Nigeria through the New Nigeria project, anchored on loyalty, integrity, and democratic values.

“The Obidient Movement seeks to foster positive change through a commitment to integrity, honesty, and accountability, rejecting deceitful behaviours.

“We serve as a beacon of hope for a reimagined Nigeria, where leadership is grounded in character, capacity, competence, compassion and the well-being of all citizens.

“Let this serve as a clarification that the Obidient Movement operates independently of any political party, and its membership is not limited to any particular affiliation.

“Our focus remains steadfast on driving positive change and promoting a New Nigeria for all. This is who we are and will remain for all time”.

Akpata has consistently come under broad-based moral attacks by several Edo State citizens for contesting the election when he and the outgoing governor, Godwin Obaseki, are from same senatorial district, Local Government Area, LGA, ward, and as a matter of fact, are close blood relatives. Citizens from the three senatorial districts have questioned his sense of justice, equity and fairness, when the citizens have unanimously ceded gubernatorial contest to Edo Central Senatorial District.

With the latest post by Peter Obi, it is left to be known what will become of Akpata’s ambition as his bubbles seemed to have been punctured. The intervention by Obi could not have come at a better time: it is a lecerating instruction to members of the Obidient Movement wishing to pitch their tent with Akpata to jettison the idea as his candidacy negates all the movement stands for and its underpinning ideology, which is hinged on fairness, equity, inclusivity, and justice.

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