Ekiti Muslim Community Expresses Hope Of Inclusion In Oyebanji’s Administration

The Muslim community in Ekiti State has expressed confidence in fair representation in the current administration of Governor Biodun Oyebanji.

The Islamic faithful stated that the appointment of Dr Habibat Adubiaro as the Secretary to the State Government (SSG) signals optimism…..CONTINUE READING

This forms part of the submissions given at the Iftar program on Saturday evening organized by the SSG.in Ado-Ekiti.

Islamic scholars at the event extolled the virtues of Dr Adubiaro and tasked all women to embrace the qualities for them to be embodiments of Islamic tenets as stipulated by Almighty Allah.

The Guest lecturer, Alhaji Abdul Fatai Abdul Azez. in his lecture likened Dr Adubiaro to an Upright Woman during the life of Prophet Muhammad, urging women on decency, honesty and modesty as preached by the prophet during his lifetime.

Alhaji Abdul Azez also tasked Muslims with a commitment to worshipping Allah with strict adherence to the pillars of Islam in order to enter paradise on judgement day.

“Do good. The best days in a Muslim life are when you give out”

He also charged on patience and perseverance with belief in the oneness of God.

“Don’t be a Muslim only during Ramadan or in the midst of people, also be a Muslim when no one is there, that is between you and God”

“God has Promised paradise for Muslims with those qualities. God will forgive their sins”

He urged the Muslims to continue to pray for the SSG. and all Muslims. in leadership positions.

The guest lecturer also enjoined the SSG to focus only on God and continuously rely on Almighty Allah who has absolute power.

“Let honesty, patience and perseverance be your watchword for everlasting success.

“People know you as a decent person. You shall continue to be. Always remember God all the time.”.

The Coordinator, National Council of Muslim Youths Organization NACOMYO. Ekiti State. Alhaji Mudathir Yusuf who noted that about 18 organizations of Muslim youths in Ekiti are under NACOMYO. said

“Everybody is looking up to the SSG, step into the responsibility. See us as your baby. No SSG has hosted Iftar in the government house.

“They marginalized Muslims we want you to help us. We are expecting a lot of things from you. Always call on NACOMYO in all your activities. We need you now. Every Muslim community in Ekiti is looking up to you. We shall continue to pray for you and the administration of BAO.

“Pray for the governor, we believe the governor has a lot of things for the Muslims”

The NACOMYO coordinator also urged Muslims on political participation.

Other scholars highlighted the efforts of the stakeholders in uplifting Islam in Ekiti.

The Hamira of FOMWAN, Alhaja Muibat Akingbade while expressing delight at the Iftar program hosted by the SSG. said

“The governor is trying. I was appointed as a member of the governing Council, Ekiti State University Teaching Hospital (EKSUTH) recently which has never happened before, the governor is working assiduously on inclusive administration.”

She prayed that God will continue to stand by the governor and his administration.

The SSG in her speech appreciated the Muslim Community for the support, she highlighted some efforts made during the past government which included the building of a Mosque in the government house.

“I made efforts also then for our Muslims on some opportunities with the hope of rewards in God.

“This present administration though has not done what we Muslims expect, but he has done better than the past administrations. For the first time, we have Muslim as members of Governing Council.

Certain factors militated against Muslims but I know the present administration would make a difference. Let’s continue to pray for the BAO government and let’s be patient to realize our desires”.

Dr Adubiaro appreciated everyone for their presence and also encouraged Muslims on political participationm…..CONTINUE READING