For Men: 5 Food That Will Improve Your Performance In Bed

A healthy man is a man who perform all his responsibility dutifully. A man who eats the right kind of food lives a healthy life and does everything in a good fashion. What we eat as humans goes a long way in helping us. When we well it goes a long way in helping our life...CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

Most men complain about their sexual performance and continue to look for remedy to solve this challenge. This problem can be solve through naturally means as the food we eat can go a long way in helping us.

Low libido is a common problem affect both men and women to solve this problem there are food that should be included in a person diet to boost such person’s libido. These are the food we will be looking at today.

1: Banana:

Bananas are rich in potassium and vitamin B which helps in boosting levels. They contain an enzyme called bromeliad which help men in boosting libido.

Also potassium helps in the production of testosterone in male hormones. They contain tryptophan that helps in increasing the secretion of serotonin which is a hormone lifts moods and increases libido.

They are rich in manganese and magnesium which improves prostrate health and promotes the functioning of reproductive organs to their optimum. Bananas being good source of carbohydrates helps in boosting energy levels and increasing blood circulation even to men reproductive organ thus improve libido.

2: Nutmeg:

This spice helps in calming the nervous system hence improve blood circulation to the reproductive organ. Nutmeg help in balancing hormonal imbalance in the body. It also contain oil which help heal the nerves and joint. Nutmeg boost both male and female libido.

3: Basil:

This is a green leaf that does incredible things to your body. Basil improves blood circulation. Blood circulation is good for the heart and also improves libido, it has anti inflammatory properties that helps in lowering the risk of heart disease. It helps in balancing the acid in the body and also helps in liver function.

4: Oysters:

Oysters are rich in Zinc which is important for testosterone production. Oysters boost dopamine which is a hormone that increases libido in both men and women. Also oysters are rich in protein that provides energy.

5: Almond:

Almonds are rich in several minerals and vitamin that can add to a man wellness. It is also rich in protein and low in fat and thus making it great in rising testosterone level. It is rich in calcium…

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