Governors Forum Rejects Proposed N60,000 Minimum Wage As Unsustainable

The Nigeria Governors Forum (NGF) has voiced its opposition to the proposed N60,000 minimum wage, stating that it is not feasible and cannot be implemented across the country. In a statement released on Friday by the NGF acting Director on Media and Public Affairs, Hajiya Halimah Ahmed, titled. “The Forum’s Stand on the N60,000 Minimum Wage Not Sustainable: NGF,” the governors expressed concerns over the potential financial burden the proposed wage hike would place on state governments....Read The Full Story Here ▶

While acknowledging the need for a new minimum wage and sympathizing with the labour unions in their pursuit of higher wages, the NGF emphasized the importance of considering the broader implications of the proposed increase.

The statement read,

“The Forum urges all parties to consider the fact that the minimum wage negotiations also involve consequential adjustments across all cadres, including pensioners. Any agreement to be signed should be sustainable and realistic.”

The NGF cautioned against blindly accepting the proposed N60,000 minimum wage, arguing that it would strain state finances and hinder development efforts. The governors highlighted the risk of states exhausting their allocations solely on salary payments, leaving little room for other essential expenditures.
“In fact, a few states will end up borrowing to pay workers every month. We do not think this will be in the collective interest of the country, including workers,” the statement emphasized.

The NGF appealed to all parties involved, particularly the labour unions, to consider the socio-economic implications and reach a mutually beneficial agreement that is sustainable and fair to all stakeholders.

The rejection by the NGF comes amid ongoing negotiations between the federal government and organised labour regarding the proposed minimum wage increase. Despite the recent suspension of a strike by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and Trade Union Congress (TUC), disagreements persist over the appropriate wage level and its implications for state economies.

The NGF’s stance adds a significant dimension to the debate surrounding the minimum wage issue, underscoring the complexities involved in reaching a consensus that balances the interests of workers and the broader economy.

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