“He is Just 25”: Nigerian Lady Laments as Her Boyfriend Keeps Consuming Large Amounts of Bitter Kola

A Nigerian lady expressed concerns about her boyfriend eating too much bitter kola. The lady said her young boyfriend finds bitter kola enjoyable, and she does not know what to do. In an anonymous message she sent to X influencer, Wizarab, the girlfriend said she thought only old people enjoyed eating bitter kola.....Read The Full Story Here ▶

Sounding worried, the lady said she was becoming scared the person she was dating could be an ancestor.

Her message read:

“Hello, Sir Dickson, my boyfriend eats bitter kola (orogbo), and he’s just a young guy of 25. This has me concerned because it’s something I see old people eat. No young person should enjoy eating it like that. I’m scared I’m dating an ancestor in the body of a young person. What should I do, please?”

See the post below:

Reactions as lady complains of boyfriend

@IamLADTV said:

“Your boyfriend is a god. Once you wake up every morning… Pour palm oil on his head.”

@_iwuese said:

“Isn’t eating bitter kola a normal thing? I started eating it as a child. I used to compete with my cousin on who will finish chewing it first. I still enjoy it. It’s medicinal.”


“He could actually be an ancestor. Try asking him about his family, friends and indulge him about marriage. This will give you signals of if you you are dating a real human.”
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