“How Military Can Take Over”: General Abdulsalami Opens Up

Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar, the former military head of state, has said that the military cannot take over without the involvement of politicians. The last military ruler of Nigeria disclosed this in an exclusive interview with The Sun. This comes amid a military coup in some West African countries....Read The Full Story Here ▶

How Abdulsalami intervene for ECOWAS in Niger

Recall was one of those who intervened on behalf of the West Africa bloc when the military overtook the government of the democratically elected President Mohamed Bazoum in the Niger Republic, Daily Trust reported.

Abdulsalami’s intervention came after sanctions were imposed on the neighbouring West African country

This was after sanctions were imposed on the neighbouring West African nation, which refused to return power to the ousted president.

However, when the ECOWAS finally shifted its ground, Niger Republic had already allied with other West African countries currently under military governments.

Why military take over African government

In the interview, the general disclosed that the military could not take over if the political field did not allow it to happen.

He noted that a lack of equity and justice always results in a military intervention in governance, adding that it even started in the political parties.

His statement reads in part:

“So, certainly, you will expect some quivers, some quarrels to come out, and if they are not handled amicably, certainly, this will result in a military takeover. Remember that no military man takes over without the connivance and assistance of politicians and civilians.”

General Abdulsalami meets Niger military leader

Legit earlier reported that a former military head of state, Abdulsalami Abubakar, has met with the ousted President Mohamed Bazoum of Niger Republic.

Abdulsalami said his team met with Bazoum, who told them about his conditions and promised to report them to the ECOWAS leaders.

The ECOWAS team also met with General Abdourahamane Tchiani, the military junta leader, and his team for 90 minutes.

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