How to Connect Tapswap to Wallet Tonkeeper Now

Do you want to connect your Tapswap to Wallet? In this post, you’ll learn how to connect your Tapswap to a wallet....Read The Full Story Here ▶

What is Tapswap?

TapSwap is a Decentralized Exchange on the Solana Blockchain. The biggest part of TapSwap Token TAPS distribution will occur among the players.

To connect your Tapswap to the Tonkeeper wallet follow the procedure below:

How to Connect Tapswap to Wallet Tonkeeper
Connect Tapswap to Wallet Tonkeeper
  1. Open your Telegram app and click open your Tapswap bot page
  2. Make sure you’ve Tonkeeper wallet, click here
  3. Click on the x2 by the right of your Tapswap token as seen on the screenshot above
  4. Connect your Tapswap to Tonkeeper wallet
  5. Want to boost your Tapswap or new to this? Click HERE now or visit 

Important Notice: 

1. Create a new Tonkeeper account if you have an existing one with funds.

2. For now, skip the 2x boost option (unless you’re willing to spend ₦4600 for 0.5 TON).

3. Take your time and avoid rushed decisions.

4. Prioritize safety and always Do Your Own Research (DYOR).

To earn on your token, click HERE.

Good luck.

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