I Have Never Kissed Or Tested A Woman Ever Since I Was Born I Will Wait Until This Happen – Man Says

Michael revealed that he has never kissed or touched a woman ever since he was born. He has vowed to stay pure until he marries. According to him, He has seen his friends and agemates become young fathers and mothers....Read The Full Story Here ▶

He comes from a humble background and never wanted his life to become miserable at a young age. He decided not to associate with women while still in school.

He stayed focused and disciplined in school, which enabled him to perform well and manage to join higher learning institutions.

He has been in several relationships with women, but whenever they insist on sleeping together, he breaks off the relationships to complete his studies.

He says that some people laugh at him, claiming that his male organ doesn’t work, but according to him, he is normal like any other male out there. He is just not ready to father a child that he can’t support. He will wait to complete his studies, secure a job, and find a woman to marry.

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