“I Know People Won’t Believe Me, But I Dare You Push Mohbad Mother To The Wall If She Won’t Say One Word To Ruined You”– Wunmi Sister Finally Disclose Wunmi Know More About His Husband Deaath (Video)

Wunmi Eldest Sister Karimot has finally voiced out concerning what Wunmi did to his late husband Mohbad and she dare Wunmi to push Mohbad mother to the wall if she won’t voiced out. ‘Wunmi, Despite the fact that you never told me anything about your husband(Mohbad) before he passed away, I still stood by you as a sister when the incident happened. Now you are stabb!ng me at the back....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

You lied to people I wasn’t the one that made you know Falana, it shall not be well with you. You are a user. You use people and throw them away when you are done with them. I will expose everything I have been enduring to Nigerians. I have disowned you and your mother. She is no longer my mother. She is not a good mother’ -Karimot(Wunmi’s Sister)

PART 2: ‘Wunmi on the day Mohbad was buried, I told people to help me move you away from Ikorodu to a safe place where you were enjoying free WiFi and 24 hours electricity. I called wunmi as a sister last month and was talking to her as a sister not knowing she was recording me. She sent the conversation to my father’s family. We don’t have the same father. My father’s sister, Tanwa is the one bankrolling Wunmi now. Wunmi is using her to fight me. Wunmi’s mother is now in The US with Tanwa. I paid over $5000 to bring Wunmi’s mum to The US. In Sept 2023, I took Wunmi and Liam to The US Embassy so they could grant them visa. They told Wunmi they would have given her if she had Liam in The US. If not that She hid Liam’s pregnancy from me, she would have had him in The United States’ -Wunmi’s Sister

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PART 3: ‘Wunmi I was your driver for two months in Nigeria. It was your bad attitude that didn’t let me give that Highlander to you. Yes I slapped you when you were disrespectful to me. Let me come to Nigeria again, I will beat the hell out of you. You told people I didn’t send you to school. I have been carrying your responsibility since you were in the primary school. I also signed you up into a hair braiding and makeup school. When I wanted to leave Nigeria, I took you to the 8 bedroom flat I built so you could be living there. You turned it down and went for Bella Shmurda’s offer of an apartment in Lekki. When you have never worked for money in your life, how will you appreciate my house?’ -Karimot (Wunmi’s Sister)

PART 4: ‘Wunmi When I came home after Mohbad d!ed, I spent over $20,000 apart from the money my hubby was sending to you and Liam. You are a bad child. When you were in school, my husband and I with our baby travelled all the way from Lagos to Ijebu to pay you a visit. I gave you and your friends money, I bought provisions and foodstuff for you. When we got home, you never called to check on us neither did you say thank you the next day. It shall not be well with you. Who are the id!ots saying you are mourning your husband? Ogun will k!ll you. Your mother abus*d me and neglected me yet she is too big to say sorry. She caused me a lot of trauma. Wunmi you have destroyed the relationship I had with my father’s family. You are a green snake under the green grass that is causing trouble on tiktok’ -Karimot(Wunmi’s Sister)

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PART 5: ‘Wunmi after you finished from school, you refused to go for NYSC despite my advice. You were busy having *** in Lekki. My husband called you to remember the days I have been good to you but you blocked him. People are dragging my husband because of you. You told me not to talk to Iya Mohbad again. As long as you are talking to my father’s family, I will always support Iya Mohbad. Nigerians, That night that she came on IG live and was crying and I was begging sanwoolu’s wife to support us was when she unblocked me. It is our mother that is hitting our heads together because of greed. Your mother left me at three months old and never looked back till I was 16 years old when she came to confirm if I was still alive’ -Karimot(Wunmi’s Sister)

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PART 6: ‘Wunmi I will not mention some things but I dare you to push Iya Mohbad to the wall. If she should come out and say just one word, your life will be ruined. You and I are not from the same father. I am Ogunbayo and you are Adebanjo. You told people I am not your sister, I have also disowned you. I don’t know you, I don’t know useless and disobedient people’ -Karimot(Wunmi’s sister)

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