I Know The Presidential Villa Has About 608 Aircraft But I Swear To God, Idon’t Need Them – Datti Baba Ahmed

A video currently circulating online has captured the moment the vice presidential candidate of the Labor party, Yusuf Datti Baba Ahmed was seen speaking about the number of Aircraft at the villa and the cost of maintaining them....CONTINUE READING THE ARTICLE FROM THE SOURCE

In a viral video that resurfaced online, Datti was seen speaking to a group of people

According to him, the cost of maintenance of the aircraft is too much and if he were the president, he doesn’t need them

In his word, he said he doesn’t need them except for national security or quick trips. Giving his suggestion, he said the aircraft should have been given to national companies who hire them so that they can make money for the country

In the viral video, he said “I understand that now there are about 608 aircraft in the presidential fleet. I swear to God, I don’t need them. I don’t need them except for national security where you need to make quick trips.

If possible, they should be given to companies that operate them nationally to make money for the country. If Nigeria has a good leader, all these things are not needed

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